Many visitors to RMM’s Rosedale International Center in Columbus love the food served there and ask for recipes. Susannah Fath Cotman, Food Services Manager at the facility, has gathered many of these recipes and others from around the world into a RMM cookbook featuring 200 dishes. The collection focuses on recipes that are nutritious and simple, incorporating an abundance of flavors and ingredients from around the world. The cookbook is available for purchase online, or pick up a copy at the RMM office or the Rosedale International Center.

The World at Your Table
is available for a suggested donation of $15.00


Proceeds go to the RIC Fund to help pay for the Rosedale International Center. We hope you’ll get one for yourself, as a gift for someone else, or both!

The World at Your Table Features:

A focus on nutrition
God calls us to view our bodies as temples. One way of doing this is to be intentional with what we are putting into them. We can make sure to consume all the nutrients—and in the proper amounts—that our bodies need to be at their best for the Lord.  

Eating simply
Most people who can afford to do so tend to consume too many sweets and animal proteins. This is not only unhealthy, but also requires lots of energy, land, and fuel for food production, often in countries where the land could be used to feed malnourished locals.  By consuming more whole grains and legumes, we can meet our own nutritional needs while at the same time demanding less of the world's resources. 

Enjoying the flavors of the world
When we learn about and sample the foods of other cultures, we are better able to appreciate the diversity of all God's people.  We are also rewarded with a diet that incorporates an abundance of flavors and ingredients!
We hope as you enjoy these recipes, you will join us in making mealtimes not just about good food, but also about bringing Christ—and the world—to the table every day.


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