From the beginning of RMMís presence in Thailand, God has been consistently leading us to mentor and disciple key individuals from a nearby country where access to the gospel is restricted.

In the last year, a collection of believers from this Southeast Asian nation have joined together to encourage each other and intentionally share their faith in the unreached communities around them. This group of construction laborers, subsistence farmers, and entrepreneurs is united by one task: leading others to the love and salvation of Christ.

Into the spiritual darkness of this nation, there is now a team of light bearers. RMM is delighted to be able to support this group, and to help raise up new believers all over the world. For this work to grow, we depend on the generous support of the churches and individuals of CMC. This summer, would you consider partnering in this work as well, by giving to the Missions Day Offering?

GOAL: $300,000


ways to participate


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