God is working in ways we cannot see. When the disciples of Jesus carried out the unexplained tasks given to them, they ended up with enough food to feed crowds of people, enough money to pay taxes, and enough courage to walk on water.

As modern-day disciples, it is not always easy to step into the unknown. Yet we offer what we have, knowing fully that God will multiply our efforts. Over the years, RMM has witnessed God’s faithfulness in big ways through people who follow him without knowing how or why. Lives have been transformed and many others are being invited to do the same.

Through your partnership in the Missions Day Offering, RMM is able to help churches and individuals live out the tasks God has for them to go and make disciples of all nations.

GOAL: $400,000


ways to participate


Rosedale Mennonite Missions · 2120 E 5th Ave · Columbus OH 43219 · info@rmmoffice.org