Dear Friend of RMM,

All across the church, a virus is spreading. It’s a virus that sparks hope and joy and friendship. Many call it the “10:2b virus.”

It’s the simple, urgent prayer from Luke 10:2b: Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send workers into his harvest. A few years ago, I joined the thousands around the world who pray this prayer regularly, many of us at 10:02 each morning. In October, the churches of CMC – of which RMM is the mission arm – celebrated “10:2 Sunday,” and the virus reached into many of our fellowships.

I didn’t know what would happen when I started praying the 10:2b prayer. What did happen surprised me. God sent a Nepali church planter my way. He is a Bhutanese Nepali refugee who spent 18 years in a refugee camp in Nepal before gaining asylum in the United States. In late 2015, this dear brother moved his young family from Baltimore, Maryland to Columbus, Ohio to plant a church among the urban harvest field of 50,000 Nepali people living in the city. I’ve had the joy of watching – and occasionally assisting – as his church has grown from a couple of families to a thriving fellowship of nearly 200 in three years. We are blessed to have New Bethel Nepali Church among CMC’s newest churches.

More recently, I think I’ve become the answer to the 10:2b prayer for my next door neighbor. One day in late July, I returned home to see Bobby watering a dry patch of his lawn. He told me he was pretty sure it was too dead to ever recover. Jokingly, he asked me to say a prayer for it.

“You can pray for it yourself, maybe even better than I can,” I responded. “My prayers aren’t special. Jesus actually paid more attention to the requests of people who felt inadequate than he did to people who seemed to be the most religious.”

Suddenly Bobby got serious. When we finished talking, we agreed to get together to talk about Jesus stories. Bobby is ripening for harvest, and I expect him to be a powerful harvester himself someday.

If you see the harvest around you – the lonely, hurting, hopeless people in your community, I invite you to ask God what next step he wants you to take. If you feel God is calling you or a loved one to move to a foreign field – like the individuals and families on the back of this page, please don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss taking the next step. This is why RMM exists – to help the church send workers into the harvest, especially among the “least of these,” and we are excited to see who among us will respond.

To fulfill this calling of going and sending and harvesting, we need each person fully engaged – all hands on deck. And this is why we ask for year-end gifts – so our churches and individuals like yourself can respond in empowering ways. We ask you to consider making an investment into the harvest. After all, what could be a more important investment than that? 

A partner in the gospel,




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