City Challenge

Are you looking for a new experience for your youth group?

City Challenge is a five-day inner-city experience for you and your group to go deeper – focusing on ministry opportunities, creative sessions, and engaging in service projects.

The week offers a time to get away from home and have one-on-one encounters with God in a new setting. It will also give them an experience that will help unlock their potential to connect with each other and their creator, while stretching them and allowing them to see how they can return home to impact their friends, schools, families, and community.

What’s it like?

Creative Teaching Sessions

Each week features a variety of creative sessions, which may involve teaching, drama, videos, worship, and ministry time. They are designed to help youth learn to love God and each other better, and to address areas of their lives that may be hindering them from that goal.

Ministry Opportunities

Our staff will lead your group in a variety of ministry experiences like outreach to the homeless, servant evangelism, kids’ clubs, immigrant outreaches, and prayer walks. Youth are often excited to learn that they can step out of their comfort zones and many return home with a new vision for evangelistic outreach and Christ-centered service.

Service Projects

Groups also participate in service through work projects at the RIC and within the Columbus community. Your labor at the RIC makes a big impact and is invaluable in Rosedale International’s effort to reach the nations for Jesus Christ, helping us provide a facility where people can be discipled and trained to share Jesus with the world. Service projects done in the community bless the inner-city ministries we partner with.

I loved the outreaches and being able to connect and get along with the other youth group.”

LH – London Christian FellowshipCC 17

Ministry opportunities are everywhere, and as long as we are listening to God, he can use us to build his kingdom.”

JY – Shiloh MennoniteCC 18

The Prayer Challenge…took me out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes.”

DL – Bethel MennoniteCC 18

I gained more confidence and bravery for talking to people and asking if they want prayer.”

GW – Bethel MennoniteCC 18

“…how to be strong in Christ. God is always with me even if I don’t feel him.”

KS – FairviewCC 17

I learned how powerful prayer is…”

LH – Allensville MennoniteCC 19

2020 Date & Application

There are currently five weeks available for your group to join City Challenge 2020:

  • June 10-14
  • June 17-21
  • June 24-28
  • July 8-12
  • July 15-19

If you are interested, please complete the form to lock-in your spot.

Contact Information

Group Details

Approximate size of group (maximum 65): If the size of your youth group is fifteen or less you may be doubled-up with another youth group

Preferred Dates

June 24-28
July 8-12
July 15-19