Who We Are

We believe business and missions belong together and that one of the most authentic, incarnate method of bringing Christ into the global context is to work and sweat together in creative poverty alleviation initiatives and building international companies and employment overseas on biblical principles. Rosedale International (RI) focuses globally on people that are the least-reached by the gospel. Many of these places are difficult to access using traditional missions methods, but are open to investors and entrepreneurs. Business opens up avenues for building relationships and creates value for overseas workers that can lead to holistic community transformation. Additionally, overseas workers who own businesses or are employed within a country are not limited by agency budgets or by raising financial support. Good business is good mission!

Poverty Alleviation

RBG believes that training, investment and employment can lead to sustainable capacity-building businesses and endeavors based on local resources versus resources only from the States. This business as missions strategy empowers development without creating dependency.

RBG Values

  • Partnership with the local church and culture to engage the marketplace
  • Business practices that reflect and honor biblical principles
  • Keeping individuals and projects accountable
  • Disciple making kingdom building and church planting
  • Coaching, mentoring, and walking alongside Christian businesspersons