To pay for your RFM hotel fees, please review and complete the information below:

Hotel Fees for the ride:

+ $450 (for an entire room - $90/night)
+ $225 (for a shared room with one other person - $45/night)
+ $150 (for a shared room with two other people - $30/night)

If you qualify for the Bring a Friend Discount,* please subtract the following from your total hotel amount:

โ€“ $75 (for 1 new rider)
โ€“ $150 (for 2 new riders)
โ€“ $225 (for 3 new riders)

*Discount Details: RMM is offering a hotel discount for all participants that bring new riders to the event. The discount can be applied on up to three new riders who have never been a part of Ride for Missions in the past.

Total Hotel Amount $:
Name of Rider(s) staying in room:
Name of New Rider(s) for Discount:

Fees are processed by PayPal.