There is no registration fee for the ride itself, but cyclists are asked to raise financial support from sponsors ($100 minimum).

  • Lunches are provided. All other meals will be at the rider’s expense.
  • Lodging costs are covered by the rider. Hotel expenses are subsidized by the corporate sponsors to help lower expenses.
  • Registration closed June 17, 2019. 

Bring a Friend Discount: If you bring a new participant to RFM 2019, you and your friend will receive a $75.00 discount on your hotel fees. The discount can be applied on up to three new riders who have never been a part of Ride for Missions in the past — for a total of $225 off (or the total of your room fees, whichever is lower).

Downloads for Riders

  • Release Form: Sign and bring to the ride kickoff, or mail to RMM (2120 E 5th Ave, Columbus, OH 43219) ahead of time.
  • Sponsorship Tracking Form: This pledge sheet is for you to record information about your personal sponsorships. This is a vital form, as it allows RMM to match contributions they receive to the appropriate cyclist. Bring this completed form along with any donations you have received to the ride kickoff. Pledges (not cash) and the Sponsorship Tracking Form can also be mailed ahead of time to RMM.
  • Sponsor Reminder Form: These forms can be given to your sponsors who make pledges to you but plan to submit payment to RMM at a later date. After you complete the form and give it to your sponsor, be sure to also record their pledge on the Sponsorship Tracking Form that you turn in to RMM.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.

John F. Kennedy