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RI’s Board is made up of nine business and church leaders. They meet four times a year, providing guidance for RI’s operation, programs, personnel, and policy. The board works with administrative staff to shape RI’s vision and provide accountability for fulfilling that vision.

Highlights from the May 2019 board meeting.

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North Africa Summit

Joe (President) shared about the group of staff and board members and their spouses who traveled to three different locations in North Africa in March. Joe reflected, “There are many challenges before us as we forge ahead with placing workers in strategic places in an almost totally unreached nation. But we rejoiced in the multiple new believers who came to Jesus within the past months. We marveled at stories of healings, visions, dreams, and conversations about Jesus. We prayed passionately for God’s kingdom to come and his will to be done in a beautiful corner of earth filled with beautiful people.”


Larry and Dot (Latin American Missions Partnership Directors) spent six days visiting the Quiros family in Spain following the North Africa Summit. They reported that this family is making many meaningful connections and is heavily involved in local ministry with their church. While the team of young people in Thailand seems to be struggling with vision and team dynamics, their church in Costa Rica is helping them through some of these issues.


Kevin (SEND Director) shared that although there have been some challenging issues with the REACH teams this year, this has been a good year overall. As of April 24, the REACH program had 19 applicants for the 2019 REACH program, which will hopefully send teams to Thailand, Indochina, the Himalayas, USA (Phoenix), Israel, Zambia, and Albania.

SEND Department

The Board appointed Isaac as the new SEND Director, as Kevin moves into the role of Mediterranean Regional Director. There are also plans to discontinue the use of the SEND Ministries name. A new name will be introduced with the public name change of Rosedale Mennonite Missions to Rosedale International in July 2019.


Jerry (Chief Financial Officer) presented his report, stating that RI had a strong quarter for total income. However, expenses increased even more than income. Most of these expenses were due to one-time events that will not repeat, and the costs for the year are expected to stay within budget.

Mediterranean Region

North Africa

Raleigh has applied for a Master’s program at a top-ranked university in North Africa. If he gets accepted, this would provide his family with a visa and give him more time to think about future business opportunities.

Jerry (Mediterranean Regional Director) said: “People are coming to faith in North Africa… One of the biggest challenges comes after people put their trust in Jesus. Typically there is strong resistance from family members or the community. Unfortunately, there is often a lot of distrust amongst the new believers themselves, with accusations about the motives of other newcomers. New believers can also travel from one foreign worker to the next, gaining lots of attention as a convert while avoiding the tough love which comes with true discipleship. Please continue to intercede for these new lambs!”

The Middle East

Jerry shared that it has been an eventful few months for Judah and Rayna. They purchased an apartment, secured residency for the next two years, and welcomed a baby daughter into the world.

Esta is currently in the middle of a sabbatical, which is bringing her refreshment and inspiration.


Rolando continues to share Jesus wherever he can – youth soccer ministry, Muslim immigrants, prisoners, and people he meets on the street. He recently had the privilege of leading a young man to Christ and is now meeting regularly with him for discipleship.

Asia Region

Southeast Asia

Tom (Asia Regional Director) reports from Lan that a new man has joined the team of workers in Southeast Asia. Tom recently visited the country and got to hear this man’s story and his vision to share the gospel. Overall, the team is doing well. They continue to follow-up with new believers and seekers in the surrounding areas and are looking for ways to expand their ministry.

South Asia

Tom spent time in South Asia recently, where he visited workers and was encouraged by the faith of the men and women he met there. Tom says, “Hiralal* and Bindu* are also doing a great job of encouraging and training [new believers] through regular visits, phone calls, and Bible studies/counseling sessions in their home.” Tom traveled and saw many different ministries around the country. He also participated in a farewell ceremony for Protap,* who was instrumental in the beginning stages of work in this country.


Candice continues tutoring a variety of people. She is also finding ways to use teaching English to help Pakistani refugee families who lack educational opportunities. Both she and Tom are getting more involved in this demographic through serving as advocates for two refugee families. They look forward to the arrival of Jacob and Danielle, who plan to join the Bangkok team in the fall of 2019.

Jacob and Karly are grateful for the arrival of their third son. Their family and Angie continue to work towards opening the Thailand 58:12 Foundation. This work will be carried out under the direction of Grace Mennonite Church (Berlin, OH) and the “58:12 Global” foundation they have established. They hope to receive their license and permission to operate later this year.

Jonatan finished his third year of study at Kasem Bundit University in early March. He is currently spending time with his family in Nicaragua following the death of his mother and will return to Thailand for his final semester in June.

After finishing another year of teaching at International Community School, Anna will spend time with family in the U.S. for the summer. She continues to coordinate English teaching for a ministry to children of Cambodian construction workers.

Jada is working full-time for Nightlight, a ministry that assists women leaving the sex industry. Tom shared that “she is a Trafficking in Persons Case Manager and reports that she loves her work in spite of the often difficult emotional impact.”

Future Meeting Dates

  • July 25, 2019, Plain City, OH
  • November 11, 2019, Columbus, OH
  • February 17, 2020, Hicksville, OH
  • May 4, 2020, Columbus, OH

Some names have been changed or omitted for security.