Board & Reports

RI’s Board is made up of nine business and church leaders. They meet four times a year, providing guidance for RI’s operation, programs, personnel, and policy. The board works with administrative staff to shape RI’s vision and provide accountability for fulfilling that vision.

Highlights from the November 2019 board meeting.

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Mature and Multiply Summit

Joe (President) shared that this summit will take place from February 6-8, 2020 at the Rosedale International Center. It is a hands-on event for Leadership Teams (3-7 people) to dig into their ministry plans and explore a realistic path forward in one of the following tracks: church planting, recalibration, or Amish ministry. The cost is $75 per person. To learn more about this experience, contact

Mission Consultation

Joe reported that Nik Ripken (author of The Insanity of God) has agreed to speak several times at CMC’s February 17-19 Pastors Conference and the RI missions consultation that will follow on February 20. Additionally, Yemiru Tilahun, an Ethiopian mission leader, and Ellen Livingood, a missions consultant, promise to provide us with some excellent training and inspiration. All friends of RI are encouraged to attend the consultation. For more information, go to

10:2 Sunday

Mim (RI Prayer Coordinator) gave leadership to a team who prayed and brainstormed together regarding ways to continue the 10:2 movement of asking the Lord of the harvest to send out workers. Many churches had special programs on the second Sunday of October to pray for and learn about the unreached people groups in our world. RI is grateful for the prayers of these people and for a God who continues to call workers to the harvest.

Christmas Giving Project

Andrew (Director of Partner Development) shared about this project to raise money for specific global needs. In collaboration with Rosedale Business Group, RI has developed a list of projects for churches and individuals to give during the Christmas season. For more information, go to

CMC Church Planting

After Larry completed his term of service as Church Planting Catalyst at the end of September 2019, Jerry stepped into this role. Jerry shared: “I feel very similar to how the women who went to the tomb felt after the angel had spoken to them on Easter morning: Afraid, yet filled with joy (Matt. 28:8). The vision for CMC to plant 50 new congregations by 2030 is a God-sized vision… I covet your prayers for our conference, our congregations, and this church planting initiative.”

Ride for Missions Florida

RFM-FL will take place on March 27-29, 2020. This winter ride is open to cyclists of all ages and abilities. Come and enjoy three days of pedaling, sightseeing, and fun in Central Florida, all while supporting the work of Rosedale International. For more information go to


Larry and Dot (Latin American Missions Partnership Directors) shared that “This last quarter has been extremely challenging for the LAMP program and the committee…. While there are some excellent workers on the field, the challenges to keep them there are stronger with each turn.” They are encouraged though, by the dedication and creativity of their workers on the field, and they continue to strive to equip the Latin American church for missions without creating dependency.

Short-Term Programs

Isaac (Director of Short-Term Programs – formerly SEND Ministries) shared that he is pleased with how the 32 REACH participants have grown during their Discipleship Training School and have taken steps to prepare for their six months of outreach starting in December 2019. Isaac also shared that STP is “very grateful for the enthusiasm and support we feel from many youth leaders and churches about the City Challenge program and how it is impacting their churches and youth.”

The 2020 Staff Interns, who will be arriving at the RIC in January, are listed below:

Sierra – Administrative Intern
Virginia – Hospitality Intern
Katie – Hospitality Intern
Connor H – Facilities Intern
Annie – Food Services Intern
Connor O – Community Outreach Intern
Seth – Prayer Intern


Jerry (Vice President of Finance) stated that RI had its highest quarterly income ever in the 3rd quarter of 2019. RI hopes to end the year well and is grateful for the many churches and individuals who make it possible for workers to go and remain on the field and continues to ask God to provide their daily bread.

Staff/Worker Update

  • Anna is planning to get married in the summer of 2020 and will likely end her commitment as a Covenant Worker with RI at that time to join her fiancé’s sending agency.
  • Firman was appointed to a 3-year term to serve as an Associated Worker with the Grace Team in Pattaya, Thailand starting on January 1, 2020.
  • Jada completed her 2-year internship in Bangkok this past September and has plans to return there after getting a Master’s degree in the U.S.

Mediterranean Region

North Africa

Raleigh began studying at a local university in September and is really enjoying his classes on the history and politics of the area. He is the only Christian in his classes, reported Kevin (Mediterranean Regional Director), “but seems to have garnered the favor and respect of his classmates and has had numerous opportunities to show them Christ’s compassion and love as they interact together.”

Raleigh’s involvement with the university can be a strain on his wife, Opal. But they are both grateful for Cora’s help as she continues to work with Raleigh and Opal’s oldest child – teaching, guiding, and providing therapy for him. Cora is also enjoying helping a neighbor girl with her English and developing a friendship with her.

Eugene and Katrina continue to work on language training and cultural adaption. Eugene is focusing on publicity and marketing for his business while Katrina spends a lot of time and energy providing structure for her young family.

Wyatt has moved to a smaller, more remote city. He hopes to start a business here to provide natural opportunities to form relationships with the people here. His language learning has been extremely successful and he continues to pursue his second language.

Amos and Alice are adjusting to married life as they continue to work at teaching English and trauma counseling respectively. They are also involved in discipling a small community of recent believers.

The Middle East

Judah and Rayna are settling back into their routine after spending a few months in the U.S. They are excited about seeing the local church empowered and engaged in leadership and discipleship.

Esta continues to use her gifts in drama ministry. “Some of her short plays have been filmed and shown on satellite TV and are being broadcast out to potentially thousands of viewers,” said Kevin, who sees her ministry as a light of the gospel in a land that has long been spiritually dark.


Pablo and Judi recently returned to Spain after spending several months in the States this summer on home assignment. Kevin wrote, “They continue to invest deeply in their friendships that they have worked so hard at for many years and have had several meaningful faith conversations recently that feel hopeful and encouraging.”

Rolando and Andrea continue to invest wholeheartedly in their work and ministry. Rolando visits a local prison to lead church services and disciple several men there. Andrea recently finished her studies at a language center and has just started her one-year Master’s program. She also continues to build relationships with women around her.

Asia Region

South Asia

Hiralal has worked on a proposal and budget for a new student hostel to serve as a home and place to learn about Jesus for young men studying away from home. Plans for this hostel have been approved and they are preparing to have about a dozen students there early next year.

Elias and Liton continue to share with unbelievers and hold Bible studies for recent converts. They pray for open minds and soft hearts for those they share with.

Southeast Asia

The team of workers in this country continues to share in villages and towns. They are also working with disaster relief as some of these areas have experienced flooding. Tom (Asia Regional Director) shared that in a recent visit to this country, he heard many stories about how this team is facing opposition from local leaders, but is also seeing many people choose to follow Jesus.


Candice continues to enjoy teaching English to a variety of students. She is also excited about the opportunities she has had to share about Jesus in this context. Candice also continues to work with Pakistani asylum seekers in Bangkok, teaching them English and preparing them for their immigration to Canada.

Tom is teaching conversational English to university students, while having discussions about faith with these students from many different religious backgrounds. Tom also continues to encourage the South Asia and Southeast Asia teams, visiting them and discussing ideas for future ministry.

Jonatan recently started his practicum at a Bangkok hotel. Tom wrote, “This will be an intense three or four months –working 10-hour days, six days a week. But it is a requirement for graduation and will be good experience for his future job.” He continues to build friendships and share God’s love wherever he can.

Jacob & Danielle, along with their daughter, recently arrived in Bangkok to begin their first term as a family. They were able to reconnect with some of Danielle’s friends from her earlier internship in Thailand. They are currently looking for a house and will soon start language and cultural acquisition.

Jacob & Karly and Angie have returned from their home assignment in America for the summer, and have made exciting progress toward opening the foundation and children’s homes. At this point their paperwork is submitted and they are waiting to hear back so that they can begin operations. They will also be joined by Firman in January 2020.

Future Meeting Dates

  • February 21, 2020, Hicksville, OH
  • May 4, 2020, Columbus, OH
  • July 30, 2020, Accident, MD
  • November 09, 2020, RIC, Columbus, OH

Names changed or omitted for security purposes.