When the Conservative Mennonite Conference was organized in 1910, one of five basic concerns was “how to best spread the gospel in accordance with the Word of God.”

Four years later, a children’s home was established, and a mission board began operating in 1919. Mission vision and activity quickly expanded during World War II, when young men began moving to various locations to fulfill alternative service obligations. An active voluntary service program opened doors to establish churches at several locations.

In 1946, the Conference mission board, known as the Conservative Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities (CMBMC) began mission work in eastern Kentucky. The first overseas work began in Germany in 1951, and then Costa Rica and other Latin American countries in 1961. In the early 1980s, personnel began exploring work in parts of the Middle East and Asia that were least-reached by the gospel.

Today, our focus is still on reaching the people of the world who statistically have little to no chance of hearing about Jesus – unless someone comes to them. That is why we go. So that they may have a chance to encounter Jesus’ love.